Social Media

Sharing the social media love.
Web Wizards is proud to partner with Fandom Marketing to offer social media marketing services for our clients.

Fandom Marketing: Growing Brands With Fans
We’re Fandom, we help brands share the love.

Twitter? Facebook? Foursquare? It’s easy to get overwhelmed when you’re talking about social media, but remember: it all comes down to meaningful relationships with customers. Taking a consultative approach, we’ll help you reach audiences through social networks. We’ll work together and arm you with the thinking and tools you need to be strategic and measurable.

We can help your brand grow fans through:

  • Strategy
  • Measurement and analytics
  • Community management
  • Social PR and events
  • Advertising, contests, and promotions
  • Social customer relationship management (CRM)
  • Content creation
  • Social Web development
  • Corporate training and department development